Welcome to NEV! This server was created by YatonHamoshiie and NotEvenAUnicorn in December, 2020. We co-own this server and make all decisions together. We do have vastly different personalities, but we will ALWAYS get the job done! Since we are such a small server currently, we only have one admin, and two moderators who you can view HERE. If you haven't already, join our server, and type /discord to join our discord channel! We look forward to seeing new faces daily, and cannot wait to grow more. If you are curious about changes happening in the store, and on the server, please see our #changelog in discord!

If you are here to appeal your mute or ban, please click HERE.


View our Youtube channel HERE. We will upload video from events on the server, and tutorials

when new features or plugins are added!

Join us on Facebook HERE!